Adult Kung Fu


The Adult Kung Fu program is designed for late-teens, and adults of all ages and skill levels. The focus of this program differs in many ways from that of the Kids/Teen Programs, and the material taught is presented in a more scientific and realistic manner, with focus on self defense techniques more appropriate for an adult. Our goals for our students are to:

  • Promote physical fitness by combining strengthening, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility and balance
  • Learn the art of Liu Seong Kung Fu/Kuntao as a vehicle to learning decisive, no-nonsense self-defense skills.
  • Build confidence by knowing you are able to more ably defend yourself in a variety of environments and situations.

While we spend the majority of our time addressing the above goals in class, we want to make sure everyone has a good time. We would really enjoy having you come down and take a class at no cost, or just observe.