Kung Fu Kids


Our “Kung Fu Kids” program is designed for children 8 – 12 years old. The focus of this program differs in many ways from that of the Adult Program, and the material taught is age appropriate.

The Teen Kung Fu Program is for students 12 years old and up. This program is basically a continuation of the Kung Fu Kids program, however the material is presented at a slightly higher level, to prepare them for the challenges of their teen years.

Our goals for our students are to:
  • Develop strong character through a focus on such principles as respect, honesty, integrity, focus, responsibility, self-control, humility, perseverance, compassion, and more.
  • Promote physical fitness by combining strengthening, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility and balance.
  • Learn the art of Kung Fu as a vehicle to learning self-defense skills, and to develop safe and effective methods of dealing with confrontation.


While we spend the large majority of our time addressing the above goals in class, above all we want to make sure everyone has a good time. We would really enjoy having you come down and take a class at no cost, or just observe (but you would have much more fun taking part!!!)